Mission Statement:

Our primary focus in our training is to create responsible American citizens. It is YOU, the average citizen, who is most likely to be faced with a situation that may come down to life or death. In order to protect those you love and those innocent lives around you, it is essential that you are prepared.

We believe protecting the gift of life should not rest solely on first responders. 

What we do today will determine the outlook of tomorrow. We will only get what we put into ourselves.
Live as a victim or thrive as a warrior and a protector. It is up to the individual to forge your mind, body and soul into something that can be utilized for the greater good. Everyday preparedness has diminished, and complacency can strip that life away.

Our goal is to give you the tools to utilize safely and effectively should the need arise. Remember, it is up to you to seek out further training not just by us, but others in the industry as well to improve your self-development. You, your family, friends and community should be able to depend upon each other to help preserve life.

Unity through community is the only way. 

(Be FIT in everything to you do)

Small Unit CQB w/ Orion Training Group
Small Unit CQB training course with the some of the best at Orion Training Group Baton Rouge Louisiana (Click picture to be taken to their website)

Jay with Forged in Training
Four years in the Marine Corps and six years in the Army.